Ilmala area city plan

Location Helsinki
Status In progress
Year 2005
Gross floor area 410000 m2
Client Helsinki City Planning Department

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Ilmala is being transformed into a metropolitan media and business centre area, as well as a prime residential neighbourhood. Ilmala is located on the north side of West-Pasila, south of Ilmala station. The area is bordered in the west by Helsinki’s Central Park, in the north by Hakamäentie, in the east by Veturitie and in the south by Radiokatu. The area is characterised by the prominent silhouettes of Helsinki Water’s water tanks, and the area is also well-known as the location for the Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE) and MTV Ltd.

In the future, the Ilmala area will be a metro-politan media and business centre, as well as a residential neighbourhood. The public transport system in Ilmala will be greatly improved in the future. The terminal for a new trolley car line, number 9, will be located at Ilmala square, which will be built on the north side of the water tanks, and will have light transportation access to Ilmala station and further on to North-Pasila.Finnish Broadcasting Company area The Finnish Broadcasting Company area will be developed as a media centre, whose focus will be a site dedicated to the core functions of radio and television broadcast-ing. The east and north sides of the area will house the commercial proper ties connected to the media centre, and resi-dential properties will be located on the west side along Radiokatu. The area will be dissected from the east by a new street, Televisiokatu, which will run from the intersection of Pasilankatu and Radiokatu to the new Ilmala square. Veturitie will be relocated from the area’s southeast corner to run alongside the railway depot. The media centre office buildings will be in a straight-line formation located between Televisiokatu and the railway, and the overall outline will be moderated by Televi-sion square and Studio square. The main thoroughfare for light transportation will run between the office buildings and the railway tracks. The area will total approxi-mately 16 ha. When completed, the area will provide homes to some 900 residents and will be the location for 7,000 jobs.

Ilmala square will be created as the core of the area and the media centre. The terminals of trolley car line 9 and bus service 59, as well as the proximity of Ilmala station, will make the square a public transport hub. The centre of the square has been allocated to a pavilion, which can house a cafeteria and a media workshop. The media workshop is intended to serve as a display facility, where the public can get acquainted with the latest hit computer games, short video clips, TV-programmes, as well as receive guidance on the utilisation of the latest media innovations.

Ilmala area city plan